Scott Lecher, P.E.

I am a transportation engineer with extensive experience in the design and construction of civil works, primarily highways and bridges. The first fifteen years of my career were focused on design, primarily in projects involving reconstruction and added capacity of interstate freeways and interchanges. With great coaching and mentoring, I became adept at 3D surface modeling of complex roadway geometry. I also dealt extensively with management and conversion of multiple design data formats such as LandXML. As part of my involvement with Design-Built projects, I was responsible for preparation of data and models for grading and paving construction machine guidance.

In June 2018, I pivoted from a typical engineering design role to a technology-focused role. As a Sr. Geospatial Systems Developer, I focus on developing and delivering technology solutions for our clients. Some of our typical solution patterns include reality modeling via photogrammetry and LiDAR point clouds. Additionally, we deliver VR/AR solutions that can include rapid visualization for public outreach and augmented reality in the field. Our team includes BIM specialists that lead and manage efforts for traditional BIM, BrIM, and VDC workflows. Often, I swap my engineering hard hat for a Data Scientist role that can run the gamut from data processing and engineering through training and deployment of models for machine learning. Depending on need, this may swing towards a more traditional role as a software developer.

A guiding principle within our group is to be “Data Focused, Platform Agnostic”. That means that we’re not tied to a particular ecosystem and are comfortable developing for desktop as well as web-first ecosystems. We commonly deploy cloud-first, web-based solutions when that pattern is the right fit for the problem at hand.


All opinions are my own and may not necessarily reflect those of my colleagues, employer, or clients. Professional licensure is state-specific. Content is not intended nor shall be construed as engineering judgement or direction.