Posted on 2022-09-08 in story • 8 min read

The one with sensors and Home Assistant

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Book Review: Python Testing with Pytest

Posted on 2022-08-01 in review • Tagged with python, testing • 4 min read

If you write python, you should use pytest. If you use pytest, you need this book.

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Throwback Thursday - TiddlyWiki

Posted on 2021-10-28 in story • Tagged with productivity • 8 min read

Getting things done with a personal, non-linear notebook

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Why You Need Civil BIM, not CAD

Posted on 2021-05-10 in opinion • Tagged with BIM, VDC • 5 min read

Geometry + Attributes = Features

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Gemini Principles for Digital Twins

Posted on 2020-11-10 in opinion • Tagged with digital twin • 6 min read

principiis enim binarii geminos

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Miles per burrito

Posted on 2020-04-06 in story • Tagged with python • 4 min read

con salsa verde

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Infrastructure As Code

Posted on 2020-02-19 in misc • Tagged with AWS • 3 min read

not just for information systems

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In Praise of the WYCIWYG Editor

Posted on 2020-02-05 in story • Tagged with python, vim • 5 min read

wacky wig

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What is a digital twin?

Posted on 2020-01-30 in misc • Tagged with digital twin • 4 min read

Fraternal, not identical

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Is IFC the format of the future?

Posted on 2020-01-02 in opinion • Tagged with IFC, VDC, BIM, BrIM • 4 min read

or is it just the format of tomorrow?

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